About Us

Kuma Environmental Design Limited was set up in May 1991 with the aim to providing a high quality architectural services and b) Development Consultancy. We have developed to become one of the UK's leading Ethnic Minority and Black-led practices.

We design buildings tailored to the Clients request: practical to use and responsive to their context both physically and culturally. We bring to projects an innovative approach, which takes into account the needs of the diverse community. We have a wealth of experience to solutions and management of portfolios geared toward meeting the needs of small and medium groups for an integrated outcome.

Our area of expertise encompasses design, production of working drawings and contract administration. This lies in working closely with the client and end user and balancing the many demands made on the environment by daily life.

We recognise that a well designed relationship between public external space and private space can assist to create a safe environment, a sense of community, and respect for the privacy of individuals. We are committed to improving accessibility to buildings for everyone. We focus on simple, economical planning, careful detailing and environmental considerations.