Our Company

Kuma Environmental Design Limited set up in May 1991, with the aim to providing premium architectural and development consultancy services. We have developed to become a leading Ethnic Minority and Black-led practice in the United Kingdom. We have established an international office in Ghana to serve the continent and beyond Our designs have become a niche in the market, purposefully created, practical, cultural, ecological, and user friendly. Our holistic orientation to developments thus bring to projects an innovative approach and diversity. We have a wealth of experience to solutions and management of portfolios geared toward meeting the needs of all client groups.

We are committed to creating safer environments and accessibility to buildings for all. We focus on customer satisfaction, unique designs, economical running cost, careful detailing and environmental considerations. Our unique customer service relationship enables our clients to be satisfied confident participants throughout the design and construction process.

Our capacity to adopt traditional and new technologies in our designs and developments, within budget and time delivery, places us well within today’s industrial remit.

Meeting clients’ needs means a lot to us as much as maintaining our hard won reputations that always conform to local and international policies in the built environment.


Affordable, energy efficiency and sustainable developments are always at the forefront of KED Architects. We seek to combine cost effeciveness and economical running cost in our building designs. We achieve this by close co-operation with specialist consultants, constructive dialogue with the construction industries and above all our clients.

With careful detailing and evaluation of all stages of our design and development, we achieve our objectives. We integrate traditional values and ultra modern building techniques to give a positive impact on global climate and pollution issues.

At the forefront of our design policies are building fabric and aesthetics, Construction methods, Design and planning, Environmental and ecological Issues, Induction, handover and monitoring, Luminaries and security, Solar Gains, Sustainability, Thermal Energy and Insulation, Vehicular and pedestrian access. Our designs reviews the above policies to ensure that facilities such drainage, power (electricity), water distribution, sewage and access (road and pedestrians ways) have best options.


We are conscious of design impact on the environment and people.

We appreciate buildings' past and design new works to compliment the old. We design to contribute to a sustainable environment where pedestrian and public transportation compliment one another.

In our work, we look for healthy and environmentally sound solutions to building design and materials specification, the use on non-toxic treatments and environmental friendly recyclable materials and the conservation of energy and water.

We develop a positive partnership with property developers, builders and other consultants in the construction industry to raise economic, ecological and environmental awareness by specifying power from renewable sources.


KED Architects have earned reputation for high quality working drawings based upon achievements, which is best illustrated by the following building projects undertaken by Kobla Mensa-Kuma before the formation of Kuma Environmental Design Limited.