Bonsu Lodge

A new build dwelling 850m2 set 0.5 acre site. The property is divided into two parts. The double fronted classical part on top floor accommodates the bedrooms on the south and eastern sides which enjoy the tropical sun rise in the east and the south west trade wind from the north.

The other part of the development which is mainly the single storey wing offers a large lounge and spacious Kitchen/ dining area with usual support rooms. Passive solar principles have influenced the design. Glazing is protected with slab projections and deep roof overhangs.


Project: Kumasi, Ghana, West Africa

Start date: September 2010

Completion date: May 2012

Contract Sum: $250,000

Client: Private Development

Size: Four bedrooms private family development explores a more environmental sensitive form of design. The split-level concept was to maximise plot size in a built-up suburbia community.

Firm: Kuma Environmental Design Limited.

Main Contractor: De Snorgue Contractors