The Mission of the Ghana High Commission is to co-ordinate, promote and protect the national interests of Ghana within the United Kingdom in a manner as to meaningfully contribute to the enhancement of Ghana's security and socio-economic prosperity.
Ghana High Commission, UK
Seventh-day Adventists are Christians who love Jesus Christ and strive to make Him the centre of all we believe and do. A church that is eager to share the truth about what God is really like – as seen in the life, character and death of Jesus Christ. Evangelical Protestants who accept the Bible as our authority for what to believe and how to live. A Christian fellowship committed to sharing with others Bible Truth – some of which has been lost or distorted through the centuries. A community of Christians deeply interested in health – mind, body and spirit
Seventh Day Adventist, UK
The Ghana Cocoa Board was established by ordinance in 1947 with the sum of ¢ 27 million (being Ghana's share of the net profit of the West African Produce Control Board) as its initial working capital. The Board traces its beginning further back to the cocoa hold-up of 1937. The Board first rented and occupied the old premises of the Export Produce Control Board on 28th February Road, Accra, and when Swan Mill, which was built by the United Africa Company Limited was completed, it rented part of it at an annual cost of approximately ¢ 4,500.00 after which it acquired its own building.
Ghana Cocobod, Accra